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Message from CFC Spiritual Director during CFC's 8th Anniversary Celebration

CFC – 8th Anniversary Dinner

Theme – Forward in Christ – based on Phil 3:13-14
  • “Brothers an sisters, I do not think of myself as having reached the finish line. I give no thought to what lies behind but push on to what is ahead. My entire attention is on the finish line as I run toward the prize to which God calls me – life on high in Christ Jesus.”
  • Forward – asks where are we going? I believe that we must look at where we have come from and where we are at before we can look at where we are going.
  • Tonight on this 8th anniversary of Couples for Christ and Family Ministries we can truly celebrate 8 years of building Community in Christ here in Bermuda. With a new two-weekend format for the CLP our numbers have been growing – at least in so far are we are introducing our brothers and sisters in Christ to become more aware of Jesus in their lives.

  • It is not the numbers who take CLP that is important – this is Lord calling people and they choose to respond. What is important is the going forward after a CLP. The numbers at the monthly Assemblies seem to be constant even after a CLP. It is important to study the drop-off in attendance. Yes, people are leaving the Island, but….??? The sports days have built community.

  • If we are going forward in Christ, does drop-off mean that somehow we are not continuing to draw others to go forward in Christ? As our lead couple plan for the arrival of their first son, they will soon realize the amount of work that it takes to help their child grow in Christ. I believe the work that needs to be on-going is to help new members grow in Christ. There are obstacles and this is not an easy task, but we must remember that we are merely instruments in the hands of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. When we accept new members, we are accountable for their growth in Christ as parents are accountable for the growth of their children in Christ.

  • Part of going forward is the direction of reaching out to Service. Service is what draws others to be involved – even when they are busy. Deep in the heart of each one of us there is a desire to help others. This service is also accomplished through your involvement in GK – think of the numbers that have been affected because of your work here in Bermuda. This is moving forward as Christian witnesses. There is also your involvement in many ministries of our Church. Lectors, music, Ministers of Communion, Parish Councils, Ushers & Greeters, etc

  • Another word for Service is Stewardship – there is even a talk about this in the CLP. A Steward is one who is grateful to God for all one’s gifts. One then wants to give back to God the first portion of Time, Talent and Treasure. If all are called to Stewardship and you are not involved in any, it is time to approach the pastors or Pastoral councils with ideas as to how you can share your time and help build the kingdom of God.

  • There are four kinds of Catholics: 1] Lapsed - those who dropped out; 2] cultural - those who are, and will never be anything but; 3] habitual – those attend mass weekly and put their $1 in the collection; 4] committed – those who choose to get involved. Our task is to help people in one group move to the next. This is what a Disciple is! This is what a Steward is! This is what one moving forward in Christ wants to be.

  • Anniversaries are time to say thanks for what has been – 8 years, those who have moved off island; Amen to what is – this evening and households and assemblies; and yes to what will be! That is up to you! You have good leaders, elders and a team who are willing to draw all of you more deeply into this mission and ministry in our church here in Bermuda. Say “yes” to moving Forward in Christ.


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